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Earth Friendly

We spent 12 months and thousands of dollars developing our revolutionary and unique Ecolite™ microfiber. Each towel contains an estimated 20 plastic bottles that have been recycled into our butter soft fabric.

Sand Free

A quick shake and the sand falls straight off - even when it's wet! Now you can leave the sand where you found it; at the beach.

Rapid Drying

Our designated drying side uses a black pigment for maximised solar absorption to harness the sun's heat for drying. Combined with our unique woven texture for maximum evaporation, this might be the fastest drying towel ever made.

Compact travel

A full sized beach towel that folds up to the size of a large burrito. Your towel fits into a small bag, with plenty of room left over for you other essentials.


Our unique Ecolite™ microfiber is naturally antimicrobial, which means no more smelly towels after a day at the beach! Now you can get more use out of your towel between washes, and pack it away in your bag without worrying about the stink.