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June 13, 2020 4 min read

Are you tired of finding sand everywhere after a trip to the beach? A sand free beach towel might be just what you're missing for your next adventure.

Reason #1: Keep your bag sand free as well

One reality that is difficult to escape when you're on a beach trip is sand at the bottom of your bag. Unfortunately, it's almost unavoidable. When you're on vacation, trips to the beach are often in between other activities, like meals at restaurants or cocktails overlooking the sea, and this means that you have no choice other than to stuff your sandy, soggy towel back in to your beach bag or backpack. Over the course of a week, it's not unusual to have enough sand in the bottom of your bag to recreate a mini version of your favorite beach right in your hotel room.

Thankfully, we live in the 21st century and technology has come to the rescue. Modern sand free towel fabric is designed to be smooth without the traditional towel loops so the sand can be easily brushed away. When it's time to leave the beach, it simply takes a quick shake to remove all of the sand from the towel, making it easy to pack away in your backpack without all of that sneaky sand making its way inside as well. The end result, is a sand free experience that makes moving from the beach to the restaurant and back again an absolute breeze.

Note: One drawback of most sand free towels is the lack of texture, which makes drying yourself off feel less like you're using a towel and more like you're pushing water around with a giant dishrag. We hated that feeling, which is why we developed a unique weave in our towels that is still sand free, but feels much nicer against the skin. It also has the added benefit of speeding up drying and increasing absorption due to the increased surface area.

Reason #2: Sandy feet are a thing of the past

One sure-fire giveaway that you've come straight of the beach is sandy feet. As a traveler, you may be stopping at a beach for a quick dip and some sunshine, but need to head straight to the airport afterwards. This often means stuffing sandy feet into shoes and socks, and spending the next 6 - 12 hours with sand rubbing between your toes. Sure, you can wash your feet at the beach, but how do you dry them before putting on your socks? Usually with the sandy towel you have been laying on, which simply rubs sand all over your freshly washed feet, this time sticking it in place.

So what's the solution?

A sand free towel provides the perfect tool for removing the sand from your feet either before or after washing. Because the sand free fabric doesn't have loops to capture the sand, it simply falls away and doesn't get caught up all over your towel. It sounds small, but these are the small comforts that make a huge difference on any adventure.

Reason #3: Compact and ultra packable

Remember how we said that our sand free towels don't have loops like traditional towels? Not only does that mean they won't trap sand and bring it home, but it also removes a huge amount of the bulk. This means it's never been easier to carry a beach towel with you everywhere you go, because it won't take up your entire beach bag like a regular towel does. Modern sand free towels roll up easily and are a breeze to pack - ours roll up to be approximately the size of a large burrito.

And who doesn't have room for a burrito in their bag?

Reason #4: Versatile and always ready

Another reason why sand free towels are the ultimate travel accessory is down to their versatility. Because they don't trap sand, they're always ready to be used whatever the occasion. Need a blanket on the plane? Or maybe a picnic rug? Perhaps you've got tickets to a movie, but the air conditioning is a little too cold. With a sand free towel in your tucked snuggly in your bag, you've got the perfect solution.

Reason #5: Quick Dry

Keeping your towel free of sand already makes an enormous difference to your enjoyment when you're on an adventure. However, there is another issue that goes hand in hand with packing a towel; once you use them they quickly become soggy, smelly and heavy.

It's an unfortunate paradox. Using a towel to dry yourself and keep you sand free is convenient, but the soggy, smelly mess you create is anything but convenient. Thankfully, science has made some significant progress towards a solution. Modern sand free towels are also usually made from quick dry fibers that greatly speed up drying time.

When your towel can dry in minutes instead of hours, it can completely change your beach experience. Packing a dry, sand free towel back into your bag is on of those little things that makes an enormous difference!

Note: We've taken the concept of quick-dry to the next level by developing our trademark drying side. Our designated drying side uses a black pigment for maximised solar absorption to harness the sun's heat for drying. Combined with our unique woven texture for maximum evaporation, we think this might be the fastest drying towel ever made.

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